Monthly Archives: March 2016

Fear of flying not helped by plane crash reports

Fear of flying not helped by plane crash reportsOver the last few years there have been a number of high-profile plane crashes which have been headline news around the world. Indeed many have attracted conspiracy theories which have led to significantly greater media exposure. While those...
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Is trypophobia just another Apple marketing gimmick?

trypophobiaThere are many strange and unknown phobias out there which are often misunderstood and sometimes used by the media as a means of promoting products and services. The latest phobia to hit the headlines is trypophobia which is a phobia of small holes in close proximity...
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10 most common phobias

10 most commons phobiasA recent report suggested that around 10% of the US population suffer from phobias on a regular basis which really puts this problem into perspective. While there are literally hundreds and hundreds of different phobias many of the same issues seem to appear...
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