Monthly Archives: April 2016

An introduction to Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) has for a long time been an under recognised and an under researched area in mental health. This has led to a lot of people suffering in silence and not being able to access the help they need. Over the last couple of years, BDD has been receiving a greater input...
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Movie Stars, Social Anxiety and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

All Movie Stars Like being the Centre of Attention Don't They? It may seem strange that celebrities who have Social Anxiety would want to be a 'star', as by very definition it means you are the centre of attention, but Social Anxiety doesn’t mean you have to be an introvert. In fact, it is common that...
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Social phobia anxiety disorder

While some people would describe social phobia anxiety disorder as "shyness" if you ask anybody who suffers from the condition they will tell you that it is more than just shyness. If you can imagine everyday tasks such as shopping, speaking on the telephone, talking to friends and family, someone who suffers from social phobia...
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