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Providing all the information, support and resources you need to help you recover from your phobia and anxiety.

The Phobia Support Forum was created to provide phobia and anxiety sufferers with a supportive and education hub. A welcoming place where you can interact with others who truly understand what it is to live with anxiety and the effects this can have on your daily life and those closest to you. Most people who develop a phobia or anxiety are launched into the unknown, with very little knowledge about the vast array of help available and how effective different treatments can be. With therapies typically ranging anywhere from £20 - £120 per hour, our focus is to give you all the information we can gather on each type of therapy, allowing you to make an informed decision, spend your money wisely and recover quickly.

Aside from traditional therapies there are also many lifestyle changes, alternative therapies and personal exercises you can do for free (or minimal cost) to help you teach yourself to relax and start to change your thought pattern. We bring all of these together for you in our articles, forum, expert insights and blog. We encourage a positive and motivational community within our forum where personal experiences can be shared, helping those suffering from phobias or anxiety to not feel isolated or misunderstood.

We regularly contribute to the forum, articles and blog, and look forward to speaking with you on the forum. We welcome any feedback on the resources we provide and any suggestions of additional information you would like to see.

We hope you enjoy being part of the PSF community.

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