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Tips to beat phobias

There is nothing better than hearing tips to beat phobias from people who've been there, done it and lived through the often lifelong impact of a phobia. We recently added a post on the forum asking members to contribute their tips to beating phobias and we received some interesting and very helpful responses. Before you…
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What is fight or flight?

When you look at phobias and any underlying condition there is no doubt that the term "fight or flight" will very quickly the rear its head. So, what is "fight or flight" and what role does it play in the lives of phobia sufferers? Fight or flight is an inbuilt reaction Whether or not the…
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Living with a phobia sufferer

Unless you have really been in the situation and suffered from extreme phobias it can be difficult to understand exactly what a phobia sufferer is going through. We can all read the books, we can all speak to friends and family but the experience of any one individual phobia sufferer is very personal to them.…
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