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Is there a cure for phobias?

Fighting PhobiasThis is perhaps the most commonly asked question when discussing phobias. Automatically because phobias are seen as a medical condition we assume there is a cure when in reality it is not quite as straightforward as that. There are many councillors and experts in the...
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How to control panic attacks

Anxiety and panic attacksFor those who have experienced panic attacks they are real, can be extremely worrying but thankfully you can learn to control them. In simple terms panic attacks occur when an individual is placed on a high level of anxiety. This means that both...
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Can phobias lead to addiction and substance abuse?

[caption id="attachment_2697" align="alignleft" width="198"]Phobias and Addiction Phobias and Addiction[/caption] While some experts believe that phobias and anxiety are two very different disorders there are many who believe they have a direct link. Phobias can lead to anxiety but anxiety can also lead to phobias if you ask many...
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Coulrophobia, a fear of clowns

Coulrophobia, a fear of clowns A fear of clowns, or to give it the correct name Coulrophobia, is something very much in the news at the moment with newspaper reports of people dressing up as clowns to scare others. To many people this may seem like good...
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