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Exam anxiety

Whether you are someone waiting to take an exam or perhaps you have friends or family taking exams, these can be very stressful times. Exam anxiety is becoming more of an issue with greater pressure placed upon individuals to succeed and gain the maximum qualifications available. The truth is that a limited degree of anxiety…
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Social phobia anxiety disorder

While some people would describe social phobia anxiety disorder as "shyness" if you ask anybody who suffers from the condition they will tell you that it is more than just shyness. If you can imagine everyday tasks such as shopping, speaking on the telephone, talking to friends and family, someone who suffers from social phobia…
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Politicophobia, a fear of politics

As we approach the general election in the UK, and indeed an array of other elections around the world, it is perhaps ironic that the subject of a fear of politics, known as politicophobia, is now being discussed. This description takes in a whole array of different aspects relating to politics including a fear of…
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