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Which phobias are we born with?

The idea that we are born with phobias is quite a common question and there has been extensive research on this particular subject. When you bear in mind the array of medical conditions which are genetically present across an array of family members it is not inconceivable in principle that we inherit phobias from our…
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Fear of fear – When panic attacks take over

In order to relate to panic attacks and the "fear of fear" the easiest example is something which all of us will experience on a regular basis. Have you ever been in a situation when you sense danger? Or perhaps a situation where you sense the unexpected? Our bodies, both physically and mentally, are attuned…
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Tips to beat phobias

There is nothing better than hearing tips to beat phobias from people who've been there, done it and lived through the often lifelong impact of a phobia. We recently added a post on the forum asking members to contribute their tips to beating phobias and we received some interesting and very helpful responses. Before you…
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