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Learn how to understand phobias means you can learn to live with them.

When fear becomes your comfort blanket

[caption id="attachment_2151" align="alignleft" width="300"] When fear becomes your comfort blanket[/caption] A few years ago I was told a very moving story by a friend of mine who had suffered from phobias, anxiety and, in patches, depression for many years. He told me of the day he woke up, opened his eyes and suddenly everything felt…
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One in four of us will have a phobia impacting our lives. In less than five hours, this fear can be removed. A phobia is defined as, “an extreme or irrational, persistent fear of a situation or object.” For example, a fear of flying, needles, heights, or dogs. A fear of spiders for someone living…
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Dennis Bergkamp reveals details of fear of flying

Dennis Bergkamp, one of Arsenal's greatest modern-day players, recently released his much awaited autobiography which gives a very interesting insight into his personal life and his football life. There is one particular aspect of his autobiography which caught our eye, his comments on his much publicised and well-documented fear of flying. This is not something…
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Depression Awareness Week April 20 to April 26

Depression awareness week is a seven day "promotion" run by the Depression Alliance designed to increase awareness of a condition which is very rarely spoken about. There are many different emotions connected with depression, and indeed an array of other medical/mental health conditions, which often stop people from openly discussing their issues for fear of…
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