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Learn how to understand phobias means you can learn to live with them.

Phobias and the power of the mind

What is a phobia?If you suffer from a phobia it is very easy to get wrapped up in the moment and fail to understand what has brought on your phobia or what has made a difficult situation sometimes intolerable. When you are in the middle of...
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Is teeth grinding a sign of social phobias?

Is teeth grinding a sign of social phobias?A report published in the Journal of Oral Rehabilitation cast a very interesting light on social phobias and their impact upon different elements of your life. It seems that there is a direct link between teeth grinding and social...
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Is mental health stigma impacted by wealth?

Is mental health stigma impacted by wealth?It may seem something of a bizarre question but there is a growing belief that the stigma of mental health is impacted in some way by an individual’s wealth. There is the old saying that somebody with money and mental...
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Are you suffering from sleep deprivation?

Are you suffering from sleep deprivation?Scientists have proved there is a link between anxiety and sleep deprivation which is obviously bad news for those who suffer from insomnia and other similar conditions but perhaps to be forewarned is to be forearmed? We will now take a...
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