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Are all phobias related to the fight or flight condition?

Discussion in 'Ask a Question' started by Mark, Apr 14, 2015.

  1. Mark

    Mark Active Member

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    We often hear about the inbuilt "fight or flight" condition which all people are born with. Are all phobias connected to this particular defence mechanism?
  2. Jade

    Jade Member

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    I think phobias are linked directly to the flight or fight response and interestingly this is something that goes back to prehistoric times would you believe. The flight or fight instinct was present when our ancestors went out hunting and had to make the decisions to either fight or run from a predator. It’s a method that is extremely valuable to our survival when we are put into dangerous situations because an immediate response can avoid disastrous results if we don't have to time to reflect on a decision. I think what we need to do here is train our minds to realise whether or not we need to use the fight or flight response and to recognise real ‘ danger’ as opposed to one created from our fears and phobias.

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