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Can you learn not to worry?

Discussion in 'Ask a Question' started by Jade, Jul 27, 2015.

  1. Jade

    Jade Member

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    Being a constant worrier to the point where I make myself ill with it people are constantly telling me I need to stop worrying.I know that it’s out of care they tell me to try and stop worrying and stressing myself but sometimes I find it frustrating that they think its that easy.I can’t switch off my worrying no matter how hard I try and it just makes me wonder how some people get in a mindset where they can brush worries off.
    Does it have to be in your personality or can you teach yourself not to worry?
  2. Mark

    Mark Active Member

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    Jade, believe it or not I have in the past been a terrible terrible worrier and it drags your life down. A few years ago I remember a moment I woke up one morning and began to worry because I had nothing to worry about! Can you imagine that, I was worrying because I had nothing to worry about but I had been so used to worrying - that is madness.

    A few tips I use to reduce my worrying:-

    Plenty of walks and fresh air
    Spending as much time with family and friends as possible - the more alone I was the more I seemed to worry
    Ensure you have a good sleeping pattern - lack of sleep is for me the greatest danger for my phobias and also increased anxiety through worry

    I read this article yesterday which might give you some ideas:-




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