Can you list any artists or songs you like to listen to help chill you out?

Discussion in 'Ask a Question' started by GH0STP03T, Jun 2, 2015.

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    As a massive music junkie, discovering new tunes to help alleviate stress or put me in a positive state mind is always a win in my books. Do you have any particular musicians, songs or genres you could recommend?

    Mine recommendations are:

    Anything by Bonobo - Most of his music is very chilled out and great for unwinding as well as reflecting.

    Clams Casino - I'm God
    Purity Ring - Lofticries
    Tycho - A walk
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    Enigma is good chillout music. They use pan flutes in quite a few of their songs and I find pan flutes are very relaxing. I like to listen to Native American/ Indian music too. That’s very relaxing the instruments they use are soothing and some songs incorporate animal and nature sounds which is always very calming.

    You can find a whole bunch of it on spotify, enjoy! :)

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