How does it feel living with somebody suffering from acute phobias/anxiety?

Discussion in 'General Comments About Phobias and Anxiety' started by Beattheblues, Oct 12, 2016.

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    Over the years I have suffered various phobias and anxiety issues and I know how vital the support of my wife was during those times. I would be interested to hear how those living with phobia/anxiety sufferers cope with the everyday trials and tribulations.
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    I would be extremely interested to hear the views of those living with phobia sufferers as well. As a phobia/anxiety sufferer it is easy to become selfish and put yourself first before everybody else. However, those living with phobia/anxiety sufferers do not always have the easiest of lives.
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    Hopefully the forum can act as a sounding board for those living with phobia/anxiety sufferers and give them somewhere to talk to like-minded people in similar situations. The more both sides of the situation understand each other the better for all concerned.

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