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Saying hi

Discussion in 'Say Hello and Tell Us Your Story' started by pixie10, Apr 11, 2015.

  1. pixie10

    pixie10 New Member

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    Hi everyone,

    just stopping in to introduce myself - I'm Anna, 30 and have suffered with general anxiety for about 10 years now. Travel is a big issue for me (especially flying). I have family in Australia which is a big motivator to beat it! Looking forward to hearing your stories and hopefully some helpful advice :)

  2. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

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    Hi Pixie

    First of all welcome to the forum - we hope that you find it help and informative speaking with an array of different people with experience of phobias.

    I guess travel phobias are massive in your life and I hope the forum can help in some way.


  3. Jade

    Jade Member

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    Hi Anna :) I was wondering if you know what has caused your fear of travelling maybe a childhood event, influence from the media or something else? I always think it’s useful to try and figure out where your phobia stems from and that way you can address the issue head on as I personally find that the key for me is to understand my phobia in any way I can. Anna you said you have family in Australia and I agree that’s going to be a great incentive for you to succeed in gaining control of your phobia. Good luck.

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