What challenges did your parents face with phobias you had as a child?

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Is your phobia something you've had since a child?

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    I’ve had food phobias for as long as I remember but when I was younger they were much more severe. I didn’t even try a lot of vegetables until I was a teenager because I’d be physically sick if they even got put on my plate and if she hid it in with other food I’d find always them.My mum didn’t have a lot of choice when it came to meals I had to eat foods I could stomach or I’d violently throw up.My mum took me to the doctors and all they said as long as I was eating I was ok. She had to separate all my food from the rest of the family and if they were eating something I didn’t like I’d have to eat my food alone. What she did do which I only found out a few years back is speak vegetable juice in my gravy to give me the nutrients and I always had fresh fruit.My other food phobias ( some I still have now) I could do without as they weren’t very nutritious anyway.

    If you’ve suffered with phobias since childhood how did your parent’s work around it?

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