Neoannophobia, the fear of New Year

Beating PhobiasAs we move into the start of a New Year    many people will be struggling with Neoannophobia which is literally translated as a fear of New Year. It is very easy to dismiss those who suffer from such anxieties but this is real, life impacting and extremely uncomfortable to live with. There are many reasons why people suffer from Neoannophobia which include the following.

A realisation of age

Each New Year brings all of us a year closer to our time on this earth. Those suffering from Neoannophobia, and a particular fear of ageing, will unfortunately spend more time looking backwards than they do looking forward. It is very easy to put this in perspective but not so easy to put this into practice. The reality is that we can change the future but we cannot change the past and we should live for the day and those with us.

A fear of new technology

It is a little condescending that many people believe that Neoannophobia and the fear of new technology is predominantly related to those in their older years. Yes, there will be older people who fear technology and change, but nowadays there are just as many who take on change and embrace new technology. In reality, there are many people who prefer a relatively straightforward and uncomplicated life and the introduction of new technology in areas such as television and Internet can change their routines.

The loss of loved ones

It is fair to say there are very few people who do not look back on New Year’s Eve and think of those who have passed over the last 12 months. Indeed New Year’s Eve is a time to think of those who have passed many years ago and who we still miss greatly. There is absolutely nothing wrong in taking a few moments to look back, to reflect and think of those not with us today, but then, look forward and live life for the now. Would those who have passed really want you to look back all the time? Or would they prefer you to look forward and enjoy yourself?

Anxiety begins to build

All phobias tend to be related in some shape of form to degrees of anxiety and for those with a fear of Neoannophobia this anxiety can begin to build from the autumn onwards. This is around the time people begin to talk about Christmas, about the festive holidays and ultimately about New Year. In reality it is very difficult to escape discussions of this nature and for those with Neoannophobia it can be a catalyst for increased anxiety. While this anxiety is likely to peak on New Year’s Eve it will not just disappear as the New Year begins.


It is interesting to see how many phobias are interconnected in some shape or form because there are phobias such as a Futurephobia which is obviously self-explanatory. It is probably safe to assume that Neoannophobia and Futurephobia are relatively closely connected but in some ways they are very different. Many so-called “experts” talk to those with Neoannophobia and Futurephobia in a very condescending manner which does not help. The key to beating any phobia is to build up a person’s confidence, realign their mind thoughts and ultimately inject some positivity.

It is still possible to suffer from an array of phobias but lead a normal life, to show fear in some areas but confidence in others. Ultimately, we all have fears, we all have concerns and we all suffer from phobias in some shape of form. It is the ability to grow your confidence, like yourself and look forward rather than backwards which will help you control and eventually beat your phobias. Good luck to you in the New Year!

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