Over the coming weeks and months we have arranged for some very helpful advice and input from phobia experts who will discuss the latest therapies, relaxation techniques and offer general assistance. We believe that the mix of input from experts, phobia sufferers and those living with phobia sufferers will place us in a unique position offering advice from many different channels for many different people. While we will be sourcing many of the experts ourselves we are always open to offers and suggestions. If you have experience in this particular field, or perhaps you have used a therapist, please feel free to get in touch.

Even though phobias have in the past been swept under the carpet and often ignored by the medical sector, the situation has changed dramatically in recent times. Many phobias which were dismissed in years gone by have now been officially recognised helping sufferers overcome their problems and finally gain recognition for what can be harrowing experiences.

Ask the experts

As well as publishing an array of articles in the future we will also be offering an "ask the experts" service. This will be available via the forum offering you the opportunity to post questions for those who have studied phobias and their impact on a person's mental and physical well-being. Indeed, just as important, if you are living with a phobia sufferer perhaps you have some simple questions which you have been afraid to ask or have been unable to find the answers to.

Recent Expert Articles