Join the forum todayNumerous surveys over the last few years have confirmed the number of phobias and the number of phobia sufferers has grown dramatically. There are a number of reasons for this including the economic environment, workplace pressures, social trends and financial stress to name but a few. We have therefore created an environment where people can communicate, read advice from other people in a similar position as well as thoughts and suggestions from the experts. However, there seems to be one element of the growing phobia phenomenon which has not been addressed, living with a phobia sufferer. Join Today!

This site has been set up by Kelly and Mark who themselves have been through their own phobia episodes which had a significant impact upon their lives. Through research, talking with fellow sufferers and speaking with experts both Kelly and Mark have learned to live with their phobias and are more than happy to share their story, opinions and advice on this very difficult and very personal subject.

What will you get from the forum?

Whether you yourself are a sufferer or perhaps you live with someone going through a phobia crisis, the first thing to appreciate is that you are not alone. Any of the hundreds of phobias tends to inject a feeling of isolation and loneliness into the lives of those directly and indirectly affected. You only need to ask a phobia sufferer and they will probably describe a situation of acute loneliness, fear and concern that they are the only person in this situation with nobody to help them.

Is there an overnight cure for phobias?

The reality for many people is they may have to live with phobias for the rest of their lives but the good news is there are ways and means of controlling them, of learning to read the signs and ultimately living a normal life. Some people may well be able to cure themselves of their phobias and never even think of them again because the fact is we are all very different in both mind and body.

If you have a phobia your short to medium-term thoughts should probably be focused upon controlling your phobias and living a normal life. Gradually over time the impact which these debilitating issues can have on your life will reduce and while you will never forget the hard times, there are good times ahead.

Share your thoughts and advice

There are so many different phobias that there is no one cure fits all aside from the fact that we are all very different in the way we think. Can you imagine the relief if you log onto the forum and look at a particular section covering your phobias only to see someone there who could be telling your story? The reality is that whatever phobia or phobias you are suffering from at the moment there is an array of people out there going through a similar situation. Indeed there are many who have been through it and are more than happy to share their story - giving inspiration and help to many.


As the forum and the website continue to grow, we will be adding an array of content taking in help and advice from those who've been there and suffered from phobias as well as from the therapy fraternity. Your feedback and your suggestions are most welcome as these will shape the future look of the forum and the website.