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Phobias are very often a very personal issue and thinking that you are suffering alone can lead to even more issues. We, as the founding members of the forum, have both suffered from our own phobias over the years and managed to battle back and live a normal life.

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My phobia issues emerged in my mid-30s which is probably a little later in life than the average phobia sufferer. Having come from a highly stressful job in the financial industry I was always confident that I could handle the pressure, the stress would not get to me and anxiety was something which I could control. I can trace the emergence of my phobia issues directly to health and financial problems which affected some of our wider family. Without going into too much detail this meant us having to support others in the short term thereby ramping up the stress levels within the home.

There came a point, after months of pushing myself to go to work, that one day I just sat on the side of the bed and explained to my wife that I literally couldn't go to work. It wasn't that I didn't want to go to work but the stresses, the strains and the growing anxiety about my complicated short-term family structure finally got to me. I rang work and explained to them that I was having panic attacks, struggling to get out of bed and would need to take some time off work to recover. My bosses could not have been more helpful, both financially and emotionally, even arranging for me to visit a cognitive therapist to address my issues....full story

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How diet and exercise helped me combat my anxiety

When you suffer with a phobia or anxiety that restricts your everyday life, it can be quite common to begin to suffer from depression. Some phobias can make it impossible to live a ‘normal’ life without having to face your anxiety on a daily basis. My agoraphobia was a perfect example of this...

The most helpful advice I ever received

Having suffered with my agoraphobia and anxiety for 13 years I have tried pretty much all the therapies and treatments going to combat anxiety. There are a few tips I’ve learned over the years to help make improvements and retrain the way I think that I found incredibly helpful and easy to implement. I wanted to share the best three with you.

Why diet and lifestyle are so important

If you provide a professional treatment to help people overcome a phobia or anxiety (whether a traditional or alternative therapy) and would like to contribute to the forum, we would love to hear from you.