Ever worried because you had nothing to worry about?

Ever worried because you have nothing to worry about?While this may seem like the strangest question you have ever been asked, those who suffer from phobias and anxiety will be well aware of this feeling. The mind is a very powerful tool and one which needs to be respected and appreciated because if it is not looked after it can play vicious mind games with you. You must be asking yourself the question, why on earth would someone be worried because they have nothing to worry about?

Anxiety can become a way of life

The vast majority of those who have suffered from anxiety will likely have been suffering for some time before they were diagnosed or received the help they needed. Perhaps those who suffer from anxiety will appreciate and understand this because it can become a way of life and sometimes the anxiety needs worry to feed off. This is why some people will actually worry because they have nothing to worry about.

Refocus the mind

It is common knowledge that anxiety and phobias are linked to the way in which our mind is "wired up" and the trick is to simply rewire the brain pretty much like a reset button on your computer. This may sound too simple but if you take a step back and think about it, the majority of emotions and reactions we have come from past experiences, family and friends. So, in theory, if you were able to reset the "damaged" side of your brain, fear and anxiety would only occur when they were justified?

Can worrying become a way of life?

Again, this may seem something of a bizarre question but the fact is that severe anxiety sufferers do see worrying as a way of life. This takes us back to the question of people worrying because they have nothing to worry about. If we look at this from a different angle, suppose you have a job which you had done for 20 or 30 years and then suddenly you left. Even though it may be for the best and you have your whole life to look forward to, your mind and your brain have become accustomed to your place of work and the actions which you carried out in the workplace.

Quote from PhobiaSupportForum.com : "I was reading a post earlier and thought it would be interesting to add a list of food and drink which have the potential to make an anxious episode even worse."

So, maybe it is now a little easier to understand why those who suffer from anxiety (and are perhaps getting better) wake up some days with nothing to worry about which prompts them rather bizarrely to worry. Breaking the cycle of worry, anxiety, worry, anxiety, etc is not easy but this is the key to taking back control and enjoying life again.


The mind and thoughts of somebody suffering from anxiety can seem very different to those who thankfully do not suffer from this condition. Therefore, some of the questions we ask may seem a little obscure and irrelevant to those who have never experienced anxiety. However, if you can imagine a situation where you would worry because you had nothing to worry about, this sums up the life of an extreme anxiety sufferer.

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